Watch youtube video with fewer data(कम डेटा के साथ यूट्यूब वीडियो देखें)

In today world there are many people are facing this problem.

in India, maximum people are using 1GB or 1.5GB data pack plan. but when the are watching online youtube video on the mobile. data pack end after watching maximum 1 or 2 hours video. this is a very common problem facing by many persons.

Today I will be told you how to watch a youtube video with less use of data. from today you will watch youtube video 7 to 8 house daily in the same data pack.

you have to open your youtube and on your mobile screen, you can see 3 dots on the upper right corner. you have to click on this 3 dots. the 3 dot option you can see in the red circle in the given image.

After clicking on the 3 dots. a list will we display on your screen in that list you have to click on the 2nd option (Quality . 360p). this option is under the red circle in the given screen. click on this option.

After clicking on the option of (Quality . 360p) once again you get a new list on your screen. in this list, you can see multiple options.

these options are the pixel size of the youtube video. by default, your youtube videos are playing on the 360p (their p for pixel). in this pixel size of the video. if you play 10 minutes videos. it will use 100MB to 150MB data.

for use few data for the youtube video. you have to set your video quality on the 240p or 144p. now your 10 minutes video will use 20MB to 70MB data only.

But if you are going with the option of 240p and 144p your video quality will decrease.

you can choose any pixel size for your video according to your video type.

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